Can You Survive History?- The Conclusion

After many weeks of creating and uploading videos the “Can You Survive History?” augmented reality board game is complete! Each space now has a corresponding historical trivia question video which comes to life through the Aurasma app and a digital device. Following testing yesterday with the help of some enthusiastic players, aka my Mom and boyfriend Jeff, and through the use of an iPad the game was brought to life and proved to be both fun and educational. As both players had a general understanding of history, they were the perfect test subjects in showing that the game isn’t just for those who study and have a love for the subject, but rather can be enjoyed by multiple users. It also helped having less of a history background for testing, as they didn’t jump through the game era by era, but instead got some questions wrong and moved from space to space.



After both players made it the finish, and ultimately survived history, they agreed that the game would be great for education in schools. The Aurasma application is fantastic, and can offer great creativity for teachers in making learning more fun! This includes bringing textbook pages to life or having students make an interactive project. The online program is well laid out, and lots of help is provided in creating auras, through uploading trigger images and overlays. When I emailed the Aurasma team a question a couple weeks ago, when I was having difficulties with the program, they emailed me back the next day and were very helpful. The limits to using this particular application for a board game is that the player must watch the full question video. Jeff remarked that it would be better if there was a button during the video to provide a hint, or to skip to the answer. This cannot be done right now with Aurasma, possibly with evolving technology in the future they will be able to make it more interactive.




Having a love for both board games and history, I wanted to create my own fun and interactive game for others to enjoy. The difficulties I faced through the creation of the game, was mostly with the trigger images being picked up by the Aurasma app through a digital device. As I have 75 spaces on one large board, there are a lot of videos close together, making it difficult sometimes to pick up a particular video from an image icon on a space. Also with the eras having the same basic space shape and colour, I had issues with some of the overlay question videos being picked up on the wrong era space. I fixed this through adding more detail to a trigger image for the Aurasma app to recognize, this included writing the name of the image icon next to it. Overall, I was very happy with the Aurasma app and the final product, and will definitely use the program again in creating an interactive exhibit or brochure for a museum.



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