Can You Survive History…A Snag in the Uploading Process

The uploading of question videos into the Aurasma online studio continues, I have created 55 Auras and added them to my ‘Can You Survive History Channel.’ With this many videos a problem is bound to ensue, and now I am faced with some technical difficulties, that I have not been able to figure out yet. The good news is that the Aurasma community help email is working again, so I will hopefully receive a helpful answer soon!

The problem is within the window where one creates a ‘New Aura.’ I can upload the overlay (the question video) but in the drop down menu to connect it to a trigger image (the game space icon), I can’t scroll down passed the letter ‘q’, this is of difficulty as I need the trigger image of an ‘umbrella.’ See the following image:



I have hit a road block. The only solution I can think of is changing my trigger image names for the ones I have left, by putting an ‘A’ in front of them so they will appear first in the drop down menu. This would require some re-uploading, so…for the moment I am going to wait and see if the masterminds at Aurasma have a helpful solution, and will hopefully reply to my email soon. In the meantime I will keep plugging away at the videos, which is starting to cause some wonderful extra bugs in iMovie, but everything is being backed up on USB 🙂 

Stay Tuned!


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