Can You Survive History Part 4

This weekend’s endeavour was to create a solid and useable board for the augmented reality game. This involved a trip to Dollarama, where I was able to find foam core, glue and packing tape. With these materials at hand, along with an x-acto knife and ruler, I began to craft the game board. I decided to have the fold in the board run horizontally so that none of the images would be cut off. The first step was to measure out the length and width needed for both sides of the board, after marking the measurements on the two pieces of foam core, I cut them out using a ruler and x-acto knife. The next step was to tape the two pieces together horizontally, to create a seem that would allow for flexible folding movement. 

Once the board was created, I was able to glue the printed game board to its surface, using a ruler to smooth out any bubbles.



The only minor issue with looking at the board now, is that the clear gap between the two halves is largely noticeable, and I would have liked to have it fold up into a smaller size, like the fancy board games today with multiple folds. Although neither of those issues interfere with the playing of the game, which is the most important part 🙂 

On the outside folds, I added game instructions to prepare players before they begin to sit down and play ‘Can You Survive History’, this will be helpful as a digital device is needed along with the Aurasma App. These instructions will also be given by holding the Aurasma app over the hourglass icon on the ‘Start’ box of the game board, which plays a video. 



Now that the board is good to go! Time to focus on creating the videos and uploading them to Aurasma. 

Stay tuned!


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