Can You Survive History Part 3

Day 1 of working on the game for Interactive Exhibits, was a good full day of frustrations with the digital tool Aurasma, which involved searching the internet for answers on why the iPhone app was not recognizing my trigger image and playing a video, along with trying to find contact information for Aurasma; which they did not have/their own query email box was not sending.

Day 2, was much more productive, after realizing that I needed to take the photos with my iPhone at a further out range, so that more detail was visible for the augmented reality app. At first I was just uploading images, that I had saved from online, but the printed game board images on the game spaces allowed for an image with more triggers to be recognized by the app. 

For the creation of trivia videos, I am using iMovie and the laptop camera:



I scoured my parents house to find old objects and books to create a historical office film set, then dressed as Athena; the goddess of wisdom, to ask the trivia questions and share my historical knowledge. For the question period time, I downloaded a 30 second countdown, which nicely separates the question and answer sections of the video. Each video has to be under 2 minutes to be added as an overlay in Aurasma. 

After uploading a trigger image into the Aurasma online studio:



I can add the video overlay onto the image, which creates an aura, that is visible to the app:



Now when a digital device is held over the trigger image on the game board, with the Aurasma app, the question video will play:



Very cool!! Now the long (but fun) process begins of putting together the videos in iMovie, and creating auras in the Aurasma studio for the 75 spaces. 

Stay tuned!


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