Can You Survive History Part 2

Over the last few weeks I have been creatively working on developing a game board and corresponding questions, for my “Can You Survive History” digital board game. (see previous blog post on subject) This is the first printed draft:


The two players begin at the START box at the top left of the game board, then follow the spaces and travel through the different historical eras through correctly answering history trivia questions pertaining to the era, the first to make it to the FINISH box wins the game. Each space has its own clipart image, which when scanned using an augmented reality application through a digital device, the trivia question video will appear on the device. I initially intended on using Layar, but they only have a 30 day free trial, so now I have begun to use the program Aurasma. Similarly to Layar, Aurasma allows me to upload a ‘Trigger’ image; these are the clipart images on the game space, then add an overlay on top of the image; the question videos. All trigger images and overlays are stored under a particular channel name, which will be accessible through the Aurasma application for the game players. This is how the online program is set up:



Seems pretty straight forward at the moment, although like always for me when working with new digital tools some difficulties are highly probable to ensue. I have prepared a list of questions, along with an introduction and conclusion dialogue, the next step is to begin creating the videos. I plan to complete them over reading week, as I can enlist the help of some video tappers there 🙂

Stay tuned, and let the games begin!  



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