New Semester, New Course, New Project

This semester in Interactive Exhibit Design we have the task of creating any digital project that pops into our imagination, and seems somewhat plausible, through the technologies available in the Digital Lab. With my technological abilities (well lack thereof) this was a hard project decision….until last Saturday when an idea came to light and this is what got scribbled down…

Can you survive history 1

A digital trivia board game, entitled “Can You Survive History?” which would be brought to life with the use of Layar, a smartphone or tablet app that when the device is held over a particular icon on the board game surface a video would play with the question and answer.  After much thinking about the scribbled down idea, this weekend it grew into this….


Following an introduction video at the start location using one’s digital device and Layar app, one would begin in the Stone Age, and move throughout the different eras by answering questions correctly that corresponded to that particular period in history. The design of the board game, also allows one to choose the path in history they want to take geographically. All paths would eventually come together at the World War Two section, then once a questioned was answered correctly on the event, a congratulatory video would finish the game in 2014.

With doubled sided pages of draft questions…


The process now begins of creating videos and developing the board game online with the digital program Layar. Stay tuned!!


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